5 Early Amazon Prime Day Deals Available Now

5 Early Amazon Prime Day Deals Available Now | HuffPost

If you haven’t heard, Amazon Prime Day kicks off this year mid-day July 16.

The day-and-a-half event is expected to rival Black Friday-level sales, and will include sweeping discounts on more than a million items and services for Prime members worldwide. 

If last year’s deals are any indication, we can expect big discounts on a few noteworthy items like Nintendo Switch, Instant Pot, laptops, Amazon Echo and Kindle. Though most deals will roll out during the 36-hour sales event, there are a few early access Prime Day deals worth sneak peeking, including discounts on name-brands like Calvin Klein as well as $100 off Echo Show.

Check here to keep an eye on daily deals leading up to Prime Day 2018. Below, we’ve rounded up five early access deals you can shop now: 

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