Your First Sneak Peek Of Target's New Back-To-College Collection

Your First Sneak Peek Of Target’s New Back-To-College Collection | HuffPost

In case you needed another excuse to browse Target’s home section, here’s a new one for you. The retailer has just unveiled a look at its newest home collection, Made By Design, just in time for back-to-college shopping season. 

The collection features a clean and simple aesthetic. With its patternless designs for mix-and-match looks, it looks like something designed for Ikea. (Not that we’re complaining). 

Sneak peek of Target's Made By Design home collection, live June 23. 

Over the past year Target has been unveiling a series of home collections, each more impressive than the last. With Project 62, the retailer introduced its mid-century modern home pieces. Then, by launching Opalhouse, the merchant solidified its place alongside retailers like Anthropologie and World Market as destination for worldly, vintage and bohemian-inspired home decor. Even designer and stylist Emily Henderson turns to Target when she needs a quick home refresh

For college shoppers, however, the best part about Target’s newest Made By Design collection is its price tag. Most items ring up under $30, with everything in under $260. The line will be available in stores and online starting June 23.

Below, enjoy a sneak peek of some of our favorite items from the new collection:

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